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“…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Ben was close. There is a certainty of death, taxes, and paperwork! No matter the complexity of your estate, there will be paperwork. And with you not around to explain your super innovative and unique filing system, closing out your estate can be a long and expensive process.

When you know what needs to be in your end of life documentation, the tasks become much simpler for you to manage. Getting your ducks in a row becomes an efficient list of tasks. When you know exactly what information your Life and Death Support Team will need to close out your life and to give you the good death you desire, you reduce everyone’s stress.

Another thing to consider is that unless it is documented, it doesn’t count. You may have told your bestie you don’t want to be resuscitated if you are ill and not going to improve, and you may have spoken to anyone who would listen about your plans for a full Viking funeral on the North Saskatchewan River, but if nothing’s written down, your doctor, your health care proxy, your family, and executor may not be able to grant you your final wishes. Get. It. Documented.



Critical documents (property titles, birth certificate, family history information)

Power of Attorney (Financial: Continuing, Enduring, Durable)


  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Asset Inventory
  • Contact List
  • Digital Asset List
  • Trust
  • Final Wishes/Letter of Intent
  • Insurance
  • Business Succession Plan
  • Tax Plan
    Charitable Giving
    Retirement Plan



Personal Directive (Living Will)

Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Emergency Plan
  • Funeral Pre-Plan
  • Guardianship Designation



  • Documentation
  • Discussion
  • Storage