We’re here to help you get informed about what you need to do to get your ducks in a row before you die.

We deliver both pre-packaged and custom-built material. Whether you’re an individual, a family unit, friends gathering, or a corporate group, we’ve got you covered.

End of Life/Funeral Pre-Planning

We can provide an overview of body disposition options (burial or cremation), review of current pre-plan, assistance with funeral home and/or cemetery selection, final wishes guidance, and celebration of life event planning. If required, we also offer accompaniment to the funeral home at time of need.

We consider funeral pre-planning an essential service, so cost is a la carte and based only on what you need. Gina is also a fully licensed funeral services preplanner. 

Important Conversations

Individual coaching and preparation for a facilitated meeting on the topic of your choice (eg: major life change, end of life planning, terminal diagnosis), and moderation of facilitated discussion. $125/hr

Family Discovery

Meeting with family members to ensure everyone is in the know regarding end of life preparation, the estate plan, and the executor assignment. Detailed report delivered and discussed as per Estate Owner wishes. $325

Executor Discovery

Overview of Executor roles & responsibilities, interview to determine your needs, report of recommendations, and if needed, assistance in selecting representative. $250

Estate Discovery

Examination and discussion of estate plan components, delivery and discussion of detailed report of recommendations. $350


Pick a topic, gather those you love, or at least like a little, and I’ll bring the edu-tainment! Formats include facilitated brunches, afternoon teas, casual gatherings or parties; providing a fun and safe space to tackle any aspect of end of life planning. Prices based on event size and scope.

Corporate Presentations

Support your team’s well-being by providing them a safe space to discuss end of life planning, death & dying, resilience building, or change in general. 


We offer informative and entertaining lunch & learns, meeting presentations, or more formal events or workshops. Prices based on event size and scope.

Course Offerings

We have a variety of courses related to end of life and death literacy, as well as change management and life hacking. All are completely customizable to suit your needs. 

End of Life Planning & Death Literacy

  • Choosing the Right Executor
  • Funeral Expenses Explained
  • Advance Care Directives Explained
  • What Happens when you die without a Will
  • Green Burial and Home Deaths
  • Planning Your Memorial/End Of Life Celebration
  • Life Transition Planning (aging in place, assisted living, cohousing, etc)
  • Aging Successfully
  • Having important conversations about death and dying
  • Having important conversations about life transitions
  • Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Organ Donation and Anatomical Gifts
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Simplifying your estate

Change Management and Life Hacking

  • Building Resilience: how to handle whatever life throws at you
  • Finding your Tribe: making friends the grown up way
  • Stress and Change Management: getting through the emotional and into the practical
  • Time Management: taking a realistic look at what you can do in a day
  • Learning to Say No: setting healthy boundaries
  • Negative Self-Talk: dealing with that mean girl in your head
  • Freedom from Drama: letting go of unhealthy relationships in your life
  • Simplifying your Life: embracing minimalism where it counts