Getting prepared for change can be overwhelming Let us help

We provide a practical and simplified approach to family emergency and end of life planning. 

Use our simple steps, something you can do on your own or with our guidance, to plan/prepare for the unexpected, such as illness, injury, job loss, or death.

Change Consulting

Do you have a change you are worried about or overwhelmed with?

We provide customized analysis, support, and training for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals experiencing change.  

Family Emergency Preparedness

Ever been faced with an illness, injury, job loss, or death that’s caught you unaware?

We offer advice, presentations, workshops, and tools for dealing with the unexpected. 

Death Literacy

Are you afraid of aging, dying, and death?

We teach you how to simply and practically plan for deciding, discussing, and documenting your end of life wishes. 


Get started today

Stop worrying, start planning

You don’t have a lot of time to worry about what happens if you get hit with a major life event. But you do worry about it. You feel overwhelmed and unprepared, guilty about what you haven’t done yet.

We understand what it’s like to be faced with BIG THINGS in life. We also believe getting prepared should not be complicated or confusing.

Reach out for a quick analysis of where you currently stand, for advice on next steps, to request a presentation, or to book a learning session.

Stop worrying and procrastinating and start living confidently, knowing you are prepared for whatever life throws at you!

Reduce Stress

Approach change in a way that leaves you less tired, more efficient, and productive. 

Be Prepared

Have the knowledge and tools you need to deal with any unexpected changes life throws at you. 

Be Resilient

Become a strong, consistent change navigator, no matter the size or scope of the change. 

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